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I started the Blesson Podcast because I wanted us to hear one another's stories. These are the stories of real people told in their own voices. The people you see, exchange smiles with, wave through an intersection, hold the door open for, and pass by in the grocery aisles. Tune in to laugh, cry, roll your eyes, have "ah ha" moments and get to know your fellow humans so that you see them in yourself because people are just like you. Let's uncover the blessings and lessons of life together in a shared humanity. Let's see and be seen. Because the life stories of ordinary people are not only extraordinary, they are the very heart of life. C'mon! Get to know a stranger!   


WHAT BEGAN as a tool for connection has illuminated my true calling. Blessons is a tool for healing. When we listen to the stories of others we ignite the sparks of self-healing, compassion and connection to ourselves and to others. It's pure magic. 

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