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Got a Course on Your Heart? 

I hear so many of my fellow podcasters and coaches talking about their wonderful ideas for courses. But something holds them back from putting those courses out into the world. It may be one or more of these things preventing them from taking action: 

  • There seems to be so much involved in creating a course, it's paralyzing. 

  • Course platforms are an expensive financial commitment. 

  • There are so many ways to structure a course; it's hard to know the best way.

  • Imposter syndrome creeps in. 

I felt that way too years ago before I made my first online course as a college professor! My first course was pieced together with documents and emails, shaky videos and wonky screen recordings. But then I found out about a free professional academic platform and started using it for my courses. It was a game-changer. 

Emerging Course Creator
Bootcamp Registration

When I switched from academia to entrepreneurship, I looked at all the fancy course platforms like Kajabi, Teachable etc… and they were great, but I wasn’t ready to commit to monthly payments. 


I thought, why not use the platform I used as a professor? So I did. 


It doesn’t have the fancy aesthetic, but it’s simply smart looking and it works beautifully! 


If you are like me and you want functionality and to look professional in your own right without the monthly nut, or you’re just getting your courses off the ground, I want to teach you how to use this platform! 


I think it’s a hidden gem! 💎


You can use it forever. It’s that good!

Or you can switch over to a different platform later! 

I’m doing a FREE 3-day Boot Camp December 1-3.

Each day, from 12-2 EST/9-11PST we will dig into all the basics to set up a course on a professional learning management system. 


This boot camp will be generative, which means we will work and create as we learn in real time. You’ll need to work on a computer, not an iPad or iPhone. 


**(The platform does have an app for learning, but you can’t build it on the app.)


A great way to work in this Bootcamp will be to join Zoom on a phone or iPad from your computer workstation. (I like to put my phone on a tripod.) So you’ll use your small device to join the Zoom call, but you’ll have your laptop or desktop right there with you to work. This way you don’t have to go back and forth between the call, my screen share and your browser, which gets cumbersome and confusing.


I see so many of you that need this. I felt called to offer it up! I don’t believe in gatekeeping! 


If this sounds like something that you can benefit from, sign up here using the form above and I’ll count you in! 

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