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Blind Spots

We all have

After decades working in education and psychology, I know that inner transformation is the key to getting everything you want out of life. Self-discovery is the elixer. But there are things you can't see on your own. 

Many foundational beliefs, patterns and habits are established early in life, prior to age 7.  Many people go about their lives never considering that as adults, they have a choice. We can choose different thoughts and behaviors. We can change subconscious paradigms and programming. But you have to be able to SEE the dots in order to connect them. That's where I come in. 


Let me guess. You've read a boatload of books, watched videos, listened to podcasts. You've gathered a lot of information but you just can't make it fit into your life. 

It's time to do something that works.

You consume the right content, but you need to put the information into the right context, the context of your unique life. I get it! It's taken me years to understand that self-inquiry is a constant process. We are always changing and growing and as we do so, we get farther away from the root causes that hold us back from becoming who we want to be.

Don't be afraid of your past.

There is so much focus on "staying in the present moment" that looking backwards has gotten a bad rap. It's become almost taboo and that is a shame. Because you NEED to look at the past in order to move forward. Think about it. The present moment is the only moment there is, literally! It's not possible to physically go into the past, so when you recall memories, you are doing so from right here right now. There is nothing to fear. You can't get stuck in the past because you aren't really there. You are here. We look into the past from here on a data-finding mission. We are looking for information, just like you do in those books, but this is the real life data, the stuff that matters, the information that can reveal your blind spots and allow you to transform your life. I always say, "If you can remember it, you can handle it." 


Mona from Canada

"This program is like nothing out there. The internet is filled with so much crap. Your program is unique. It's amazing."

WAyne from NYC

"I really love and am fascinated by the content. While I've heard about the principles and techniques and understand it 'intellectually,' I never took the time to apply it to myself."

Kathy from NJ

"I have spent so much of my life looking at other people's lives and wondering about them. I don't know why I do that. My life is just as important. I see that now."

What would life be like if...

  • You could see your life in a whole new way and finally understand it all

  • You could find the root causes of blocks, obstacles and limiting beliefs around all things but especially things like money, love and health 

  • You could heal generational wounds from your parents, grandparents and beyond and pass that healing along to your children and their children

  • You could gain insight into WHY you are the way you are

  • You could figure out why you can't seem to make enough money or find and maintain healthy relationships

  • You could get healthy and live symptom free knowing that you are not your diagnosis

  • You could find a peace in your heart that you yearn for

  • You could learn the secrets to integrating and transmuting trauma, big and small

  • You could finally BELIEVE that life happens FOR you and not to you

  • You could step into your unlimited power to take control of your present 

  • You could live the life you've always wanted to life now and into the future

  • You could live fully in harmony with your loved ones, your environment, nature, your community and the world without constant worry, annoyance, fear or anger

  • You could detach from things like the news, stressful people, daily worries and create boundaries to uplift your body, mind and soul

  • You could feel what it feels like to be happy

  • You could find that elusive fulfillment



There are 2 ways to


The next LIVE course, LIFE STORY SCHOOL will be held  in 2024.

Work with me personally to achieve total transformation. 

mitzi campbell-6510.HEIC


in yourself.

Having faith in our own power to change our lives is a gift we can all give to ourselves. I want you to seriously ask yourself one question, "This time next year, will I wish I had started now?" 

Trust me, it took me years to start working on myself in a serious way by paying for courses and coaching, but it has made all the difference. I finally realized I was worth the investment. My confidence shot up and my self-worth blossomed. I found myself, but I needed help to do it. 

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