Mitzi Campbell


Unique images are tailored to your specific needs.  Images can be printed on fine art papers, specialty cards or

metal. Museum quality frames in spectacular widths {4 inches plus} are available in gold, rose gold, silver, black and hand-painted or embellished black.  Large format printing is perfect for behind the sofa or bed or as a 

focal point in any room.  Books are available as hard-page small black books, or linen or leather bound hard 

covers, and presented in their own lovely boxes. Calling cards, business cards or personal stationery are all easy 

to create using your images. Contact me for sizes + prices or to propose your ideas for a concept shoot!  



You only have one chance, one day, to freeze forever in time the fleeting magnificance of the flowers that represent your special day.  Even in the garden, as they live and breathe, they are ever-changing and temporary.  I love the deep exploration of flowers, their petals, their stems, and all of their most intimate parts. I catch them as they shimmer in the light and capture their curls, ripples and folds for eternity. Imagine having your wedding, event or garden flowers documented in a fabulous coffee table book, botanical style! Preserve a deep and detailed record of all of that beauty and keep it alive forever in print.  Hang a series of prints in a hall, print one in large format in a specatular frame or on modern gleeming metal, above your sofa or in the master bedroom.  Create a unique customized focal point for your walls.  Art.  Your own flowers become your own pieces of fine art.   Perhaps it is your very first piece in a collection of works that you build over a lifetime. 

Here is where we can really get creative!  This is the age of the selfie!  Who doesn't want to look great in a photo? Let's face it, the arm only stretches out so far.  You need a creative professional to get that "wow" shot of you at sunset on the beach or the mystical image of your ethereal wanderings through a forest. Have you seen something inspirational on Pinterest or Instagram?  Think of your fantasy photo-op... now what's stopping you? Why not do it?  Let's scout the perfect location and put you in it.  We can work together to produce personal, website. calling card or business photos.  Images that are imaginative and, perhaps even, a little bit "out of the box" may be just what you need to show off your highest and best YOU! Forget the normal deadpan portrait and let's do something fun!  I'm in for a plein air photo experience!  

You cherish them, polish and shine them and take them on the road with great care.  Why not photograph them properly? Fine art photos showcasing the detailed components of your prized cars or motorcycles are an exquisite and classy way to show off those models of vehicular perfection!  I work up close and personal in order to bring all the finer points of your "toys" to life.  Prints are perfect for the study or the garage. Create a book for each car or bike to make up a collection for your living room library.  These photos are a personal memoir of your highly collectible motor vehicles. 

a few words on release forms

I do require release forms for personal and property photography.  The link below explains it all in excellent detail.  

Explanation of the usage of release forms in professional photography.

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