Have you ever really looked closely at a flower?  Line, form, shape and texture, nuances of color and vibrancy are what make each blossom uniquely beautiful.  These are exactly the sorts of things that a bride should remember forever, but a wedding is so sweetly overwhelming, that these, the most carefully chosen and essential intimate details of the day, are so often the very things that are overlooked. There is one chance, one time, in which to capture the extraordinary details of these profound symbols of the love and beauty that is your one and only wedding day.  In the hustle and bustle of the day, you'll surely note that your flowers look spectacular as the focal point of the decor, but did you really see the petals gleeming with as much joy as the bride? Did you truly notice that magical dust on each stamen that seemed almost as if it had been sprinkled there? Will you remember the colors in all their glory? Did you see the swirls, contours, and hues? Unless you can immmortalize these intimacies, they are lost forever. A unique opportunity exists, to do something different and amazing, which may be the most beautiful lasting legacy of this once in a lifetime event. 



All of the above holds true, as well, for the flowers at any special event.  Boost the special quality of your event exponentially and have the flowers photographed as a body themselves.  What a thrill it would be to present your Sweet 16 with a book of her flowers, personalized and dedicated especially to her.  A book makes a lovely keepsake for any event and could be presented to honored guests as thanks for their attendance or their generous gifts.  A well-constructed fine art book is a gorgeous addtion to the family library.  What a beautiful thing to lay at the foot of the sofa for visitors to pick up and enjoy! Imagine a large customized print for the bedroom of your bat mitzvah princess.  The sky's the limit with creative possiblities. 



Gardens are meticulously planned, carefully planted and lovingly tended.  The flowers are at their peak only during each plant's respective period of bloom.  How wonderful it would be to have access to the beauty of your blooms all year round!  Document your gardens in a book or series of fine art prints.  Fine art photos of your personal gardens connect you to those elusive positive therapeutic qualities of gardening, even off-season, whether displayed in a book or on your walls.  Photos can also help you plan additions to the garden by keeping colors and textures alive when the plants themselves are dormant. And after all that care and hard work, wouldn't it be wonderful to have the blooms present in your life all year long?  



This type of photography is highly specialized.  It requires the focus and precision of a skilled fine art photographer.  

Your regular wedding photographer captures the event as a whole.  I capture the magic underneath it all. 

Contact me for details. 

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