Food photography isn't just for restaurants!  Often, we snap that photo of the birthday cake for posterity, but what about all the other food?  The food figures prominently in our plans for an elegant dinner party or family gathering and is many times the very central theme of the entire event.  We place a great deal of importance on the food that serves to set the tone of comfort, joy and love for our special gatherings.  Our festivities are guided by the culinary delights we choose to define a particular celebration.  Let the food be remembered and celebrated as well.  These images can become part of a collection of fine art books detailing the items prepared for a formal or informal event inside or outside of the home.  Fine art prints can be used for one of a kind kitchen decor.  So much of you is poured into the dishes you lovingly plan and prepare.  It's a beautiful gesture to have every morsel documented in all it's glory.  A book of images with accompanying descriptions or even recipes, is a timeless family keepsake.  We have coffee table books, so why not kitchen countertop books replete with lovely images of your favorite foods from that holiday or celebratory gathering?  Thoughfully photographed images of foods can anchor the feelings born of those warm moments and keep them alive for your family and friends each time the photos are viewed.  Good vibes! 


The Process

All I need, is one of each dish you wish to have photographed and a private, well-lit space.  Ideally, I work with the food in the natural light.  You will also provide a description of each item and any additional information you desire, if you are creating a book.  I work with special events only; holidays are reserved for my own family.  

Hand mixed lemon sorbet with Limoncello splash and fresh garden mint garnish, served in chilled glasses

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