I would love to have a picture of myself doing..... {finish this sentence!} 

We all have thoughts, wishes and crazy ideas of photos we would love to have of ourselves or our children, families or partners.  Portraits can be exciting and different, or they can be lovely and traditional.  Natural light provides the perfect "studio" for your amazing personal photo shoot.  Anywhere I can lug my camera equipment, we can go!  I also provide hair, makeup and style services if you like.  {I did this model's hair and hand stamped the phrase on her back!} Why not do something beautiful for yourself?  Then you get to look at your fabulous photos and say, "Wow, that's me!" 




the process

Location shoots can be executed almost anywhere, although I do not do tandem skydive photos... yet.  Travel outside of 50 miles incurs travel expenses.  I work outdoors in all seasons, although weather can be a factor in a successful shoot.  Sunrise and sunset light is amazing, but must be properly timed, so flexibility may be needed.  Light editing is provided for proofs.  Additional editing may be done, but you will still look like you, not Elle Mc-Super-Model.  Please have realistic expectations! You can be wearing or not wearing anything you like. I work with all people of all walks of life in whatever scenario inspires you!  Trust, comfort and fun provide the foundation for a terrific experience! 

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