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I'm Mitzi.





"Who are you?" is one of the most difficult questions to answer. Who I am is in constant flux. I'm my own person from one moment to the next, a perpetual work in progress, just like you. Labels are hard for me and so is small talk. I like to get deep. I like to deal with things that matter, things that empower and inspire us toward our potential. My work is about the power of life lessons, the impact of self-awareness and I am a firm belief that when we connect to ourselves, we connect to others and this is how we change the world. 

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My Story

After nearly three decades as a college professor and going head-to-head with a debilitating health crisis, I felt called to move outside of the confines of the four walls of a classroom to teach in the school of life. I am a Transformational Teacher and the host of The Blessons Podcast and I work with people to help them go after their desires, self-actualize and extract powerful lessons & blessings from life experiences so they can identify blind spots, release false foundational beliefs and learn the life lessons that, left unlearned, are holding them back from living their true potential. 

Mitzi Campbell, M.A.

When I was a young mom in my early 30's with three little ones all under 5, my mom started acting weird. At first she was just a little lost. Then, she started to get really anxious. Then paranoid. Then, she was having panic attacks. Then she became so depressed, it would take her all day to get dressed. She could not do simple things like wash dishes. It just kept getting worse and we knew she needed help. She needed in-patient treatment. 


I knew my mom had a terrible childhood. She was born in 1945 and grew up in post-war England. She was dirt-poor and she was orphaned before she was 12. She never spoke about her life. I didn't know the horrible details, but she did. She carried unspeakable trauma with her and never let it out. It festered.


Although she made it back to functioning in a normal life as a wife, a nurse and a doting grandmother, she remained unhealed and it was only a year or two before the still unresolved trauma came roaring back, this time in the form of cancer.


She died when she was only 56 years old. 


I believe that if she had been able to confront and integrate her trauma, she might still be alive today. There is lots of research to show the connection between trauma and disease.


When I turned 56 years old, the age my mom was when she passed, I began to experience health anxiety. That was only a small part of a perfect storm of stressful and traumatic events that unfolded from 2019 until 2022, until one morning, I woke up with vertigo and my life has not been the same since. The vertigo turned into a host of mysterious neurological symptoms and the healing process has required me to change everything in my life from what I consume in terms of food, drink and media to who and what I allow into my world. I've seen every doctor and tried all sorts of therapies. During this time, I could not return to my job as a professor, but I simply refused to lay back and cry day after day; I had to do something. So I put in my ear phones and a listened to a course on how to become a podcaster. I knew my calling was to reach a wider audience with an important message of love, healing and connection. 

At 56, I was meant to take a healing journey that required me to change everything about my life as I knew it. It's no coincidence this occurred at the age my mother died. As I healed, I started The Blessons Podcast. I still deal with symptoms, but I will never let anything stop me from reaching my goals and fulfilling my dreams, the dreams I have for myself, and my family and to help others on their journeys to self-actualization, as we all proceed to heal the traumas, divisions and mistaken beliefs that hold us back as a society and individually. 

We need BLESSONS. And it's my assignment to lead the charge through one-on-one mentoring and coaching, educational programs, teaching, speaking and writing.  

We are here to learn. I am here to teach. 

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